Eco-Green Biodegradable Reusable Shopping Bags

affordable alternative to plastic ... a positive choice for the environment


Holding an eco-friendly grocery bag fundraiser will be an instant hit with your organization! Everyone has “gone green” and is realizing the importance of doing what is best for our planet! That’s why a new and exciting grocery bag fundraiser from will boost your school, church, or non-profit organization’s fundraising to a whole new level.

When you order fundraising kit you will have everything you need to get your organization off and selling eco friendly grocery bags!

Simply call us at (703) 675-5446 and tell us how many members of your group will be selling in your grocery bag fundraiser. Our professional Fundraising Consultants will work with you to ensure you have the most profitable grocery bag fundraiser ever.

Meet your profit goals with a Grocery Bag Fundraiser!


  • 100 members selling a one color imprinted grocery bag
  • Each member sells 50 bags @ $5 each = $250 (collected per member)
  • 100 members X 50 bags = 5000 bags
  • 5000 bags X 5 each = $25,000 collected
  • 5000 bags @ $1.90 each = $9,500 (bag cost)
  • $25,000 collected - $9,500 bag cost = $15,500 profit!

We have following Bag in stock for immediate fundraising and to promote Green Initiatives:


Size: 420 mm H X 290 mm W X 170 mm D'

16.5" H X 11.5" W X 6.7" D

Quantity        Price

5-49                $2.87/bag

50-100           $2.27/bag

101-500         $1.97/bag

501-1000       $1.67/bag

1001-2500     $1.57/bag    

2501-5000     $1.47/bag

*Price does not include shipping and handling.

We will send you an email with an invoice to instantly pay online.

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Stop Pollution! Yes you can help. Use environment friendly reusable bags.